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Current activities promoting employment in many EU countries are insufficient. Active labour market policy expenses in eastern Europe are low compared with other countries. In many countries,  programmes do not increase the employability of participants. Disadvantage in the labour market is persistent. It is notable that disadvantaged groups do worse than others during recession, and remain unemployed more at any time. Current approaches are ineffective at the level of individuals in need of help.

Council Resolution November 2008 noted that ‘Member States should [...] consider:
- including activities which foster the development of career management skills
- preparing teachers and trainers to conduct such activities
- facilitating access to information about skills needs
- developing career management skills
- making guidance one of the objectives of schools, VET providers and higher education
- integration into working life.’

There is a large and growing body of scientific evidence from around the world concerning the methods of guidance which are most effective in helping people choose and succeed in suitable careers. Many people in schools, colleges, organisations and NGOs for disadvantaged groups have responsibility or contribute to the transition to work, and have little or no training in career guidance.

The aim of the project is therefore to review the evidence, apply scientifically validated methods, work with VET providers (schools, colleges, NGOs, welfare-to-work service providers services) to establish effective usable ways to improve services, - create, test, apply & disseminate training that will enhance the performance of careers advisors, VET staff with employment objectives, make training available online, in workplaces, in modular accessible form, develop a guide to help organisations adopt evidence-based methods, including guidance on training, installation, self-assessment and use of skills & activities that work in organisations, publish a Handbook of Career Advice Skills based on the project findings and make resources available as ODL.

The six partners from 5 countries will test their products in two phases with about 150 learners/users. Their experiences will be used to ensure usable and accessible products that develop skills for use at work and that complement existing practices and qualifications.

We aim to improve services to disadvantaged VET & school leavers by better empowerment in the labour market through more effective guidance support and advice skills which develop their transversal skills that support employability. We seek to develop a definitive ‘text’ and toolkit for VET
trainers, advisors, counsellors, on the evidence base, practice and ethics that underpin and energise vocational guidance and employment support as well as distance learning materials that may be translated and applied in different settings and through different media as Open Educational Resources.